Splashbacks are imperative to protect walls from water, grease, and splatters from damaging paint and penetrating into wall structures such as wooden frames. There are various options of splashbacks, and it depends on a style to match your home or property. You want a splashback that not only matches the current décor or style of your kitchen or home but also is practical, low maintenance and hardy.

Splashbacks are also perfect for BBQ or outdoor cooking area. Apart from protecting your walls, they make cleaning up after a birthday party, BBQ or family dinner a breeze, depending on which type of course. But there is a reason why nearly every household has a splashback at least in their kitchen. That is because they are not only effective at protection, practical in cleaning and when chosen correctly add a neat and personal style to a kitchen or cooking area.

Standard splashbacks include:

  • Timber
  • Stainless steel
  • Tiles
  • Acrylic
  • Stone or synthetic, and
  • Last but not least Glass.

Each come with their own upsides and downsides, and some come with more maintenance than others. That’s not to say if you have your heart set on a timber splashback which is very rare it cannot be preserved with a little tender love and care. Each splashback range in price, maintenance and longevity. The more expensive being stone and glass with the cheaper options being acrylic.

Types of Splashbacks

Customisable to your needs

We can cut any glass to your specifications – any size, shape or finish you desire.

Amazing design features

Looking for an instant high-impact design feature? A unique glass  feature oozes style and is always a talking point.

Customisable to your needs

Guaranteed to last for years, custom cut glass is a robust, long-lasting solution.

Easy to maintain

All our glass solutions are designed to be low maintenance, easy to clean and environmentally friendly.

Why install glass splashbacks in your home?

Versatile, glass splashbacks can suit the décor of most kitchens and outdoor area and are available in a range of colours. Glass splashbacks have low to no maintenance apart from a polish every now and again. At First Class Glass, we only use industrial grade glass for all our splashbacks making repairs obsolete. Our glass splashbacks are just about indestructible, tried and tested to be heat and impact resistant as well as high UV tolerance for those outdoor cooking or BBQ areas.

Unlike other types of splashbacks, glass splashbacks offer superior prevention of bacteria as they are non-porous unlike tiles (grout), timber and porous stone splashbacks which without regular sterilisation can become a host for nasties.

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